Arturo Soria


Arturo Soria is one of the most exclusive areas in Madrid. It is mainly a residential zone and most of these houses are chalets with various floors and garden. Recently, some smalls companies have moved to Arturo Soria, the same as subsidiaries of multinationals. The headquarters of the main Spanish newspapers are located also in this area: El Mundo, ABC, La Razón and a little farther, El País. Arturo Soria is a very long zone, as it spreads along Arturo Soria Street, which is about 6 kilometres long. It starts in Calle Alcalá, close to Ciudad Lineal Metro Station (Line 5) and it continues along more than 300 numbers, finishing in M-11 highway, close to Fuente de la Mora train station. At the middle of the street, it’s Arturo Soria Metro Station (Line 4).


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History of Arturo Soria neighbourhood


Even if Arturo Soria is a quiet and a residential neighbourhood in Madrid, it has an interesting history behind. The name of the area refers to Arturo Soria, an engineer and planner that tried to promote the Ciudad Lineal (Linear City) in the late 19th century.


This project was very innovative at that moment and promulgated the construction of a city along the axis of a tram railway. In the late 19th century, Arturo Soria zone was countryside and they began to construct the blocks following the plans of this engineer. But the lack of resources stopped the original project by Arturo Soria, who wanted to surround the whole city with a railway. Today, the central axis that had to be a tram has become a line of grass and trees.

What to do in Arturo Soria


They're a lot of great places in Madrid where you can go walking and roaming around the newAs Arturo Soria is one of the most exclusive areas in Madrid, shops and commercial centres are present. The most representative one is Arturo Soria Plaza, located at the number 126. This centre host luxury shops, such as Bimba y Lola and Tous. There is another commercial centre at the beginning of Arturo Soria Street, right in the corner with Alcalá Street. It is called Alcalá Norte and is bigger than Arturo Soria Plaza. In Alcalá Norte there is a cinema as well. Another option in Arturo Soria is going out for dinner.


The restaurants take care of their products and offer a menu full of high quality food. Some of the best restaurants in Arturo Soria area are Don Victor and Urkiola Mendi, a Galician and a Basque hiding places in the heart of Madrid. The tapas are also present in the locals of Arturo Soria, but more sophisticated and even more international. In fact, in Arturo Soria Plaza visitors can have German beer and food, inside the German franchise Fass. Argentinean and Mediterranean food is another option that this zone offers.


Accommodation in Arturo Soria


Arturo Soria is also a borough full of places for accommodation. And almost all of them are high quality and comfort. As Arturo Soria is the way in for those who come from Barcelona’s highway and many companies have set their headquarters in this zone, there are many options for visitors. The most exclusive one is probably the Silken Puerta América Hotel, five-stars and located a couple of kilometres from Arturo Soria Street. The Quinta de los Cedros Hotel, Foxa M-30 Hotel and Novotel Madrid are also good choices in Arturo Soria area. A different alternative is Arturo Soria Apartahoteles Suites, a mix between hotel and apartments located close to the main avenue. They are equipped with kitchen and oven, among other facilities.