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Argüelles is one of the neighbourhoods that resulted from the expansion of Madrid in the second half of the 19th century. The layout of this neighbourhood is a net of perpendicular roads that form square blocks. The main streets are Alberto Aguilera and Princesa, with Moncloa, Chamberí and Tribunal as borough borders.


Additionally, Argüelles is a central neighbourhood in Madrid, so tourists who need to travel around can use public transportation. If a visitor uses the Metro, the stations are Argüelles (lines 3 and 6) and Ventura Rodríguez (line 3). When traveling by bus, note that most of the lines pass by Alberto Aguilera and Princesa. This zone is also full of taxis that take travellers downtown in just minutes.


Monuments in Argüelles


Arguelles in Madrid is one of the best tourist spots in the city.Because Argüelles is a residential zone, there are not many monuments. Visitors may take advantage of multiple services and opportunities for entertainment, but few buildings in Argüelles are worth printing in a card.


Many tourists want to visit the Liria Palace, but it is difficult to schedule a tour. Visitors must make an early request in advance, and groups should not exceed 15 persons. The Liria Palace belongs to the Alba family, one of the most important families in Spanish nobility. Built in the late 18th century, this palace the only example of Neoclassic style in Argüelles.


Interested visitors may arrange to visit other interesting buildings not far from the Argüelles area, such as the Conde Duque Centre in Tribunal and the attractions of Moncloa.


What to Do In Argüelles


As previously mentioned, Argüelles is a great place for leisure and entertainment. At the corner of Alberto Aguilera and Princesa streets, shopping enthusiasts will find fashion boutiques, specialized bookshops, and one of the biggest area department stores, El Corte Inglés.


Theatre fans also have also a reason to visit Argüelles, since the neighbourhood is home to both the Galileo Theatre and the Abadía Theatre. The latter is installed in the old Sagrada Familia church. Beyond these theatres, the most important theatre in this area is Teatros del Canal, located in northeast Argüelles. This centre, promoted by the regional government, organizes diverse plays and concerts throughout the year.


Interestingly, Argüelles also is well-known to heavy-metal fans. Bands like AC/DC, Metallica, and Iron Maiden regularly perform in the area.


For the culinary minded visitor, taverns and bars are plentiful, and it’s simple to find Madrilenian dishes, ‘tapas’, and local wines and beers on the menu, always within a popular atmosphere.


Finally, when looking for things to do in the Argüelles area, sport enthusiasts will be busy. The nearby Green Canal is a sport centre where people can practise golf, football or padel. This complex also hosts the Fabula Restaurant, whose special dish is ox with champagne.


Where to Stay In Argüelles


The best and most expensive hotels in Argüelles are the NH Argüelles, the NH Alberto Aguilera Hotel and the Gran Hotel Conde Duque. Prices usually start at 60 euro. However, visitors on a budget may easily choose cheaper accommodations such as Los Andes Hostel and T3 Tirol Hotel.


Argüelles also features a local youth hostel with reasonable prices and shared rooms. It is located in Santa Cruz de Marcenado Street, close to Alberto Aguilera Street.