Who we are

Hello and welcome to "What To Do In Madrid".

My name is Enrique Martinez, I am the founder of this friendly business. We are a local tourism company based in Madrid, Spain. Our objective is to give people who are visiting Madrid, or travelling around Spain an exciting, and memorable travel, or holiday experience. All at a fair price. Our main advantage is that we are here, right in the heart of Madrid. So we are able help tourists and travelers, just like you, and ensure that you have a great tour experience. And if there is ever any issues, questions, or clarifications, then we can quickly answer, or solve them. We feel that providing that "extra mile" of service to our customers makes all the difference.

Thank you for visiting whattodoinmadrid.com and I do hope you find the site helpful. Please feel free to call, or contact us. And we look forward to seeing you in Madrid very soon! - Enrique Martinez (Founder)



Our story

"What To Do In Madrid". was born into existence just three years ago.

With the philosophy of focusing on customer service and satisfaction. Slowly, slowly, bit by bit, we started to grow and expand, always with the same premise “The Customer Comes First”. And after some months, we started offering tours around Spain, and Portugal. Until today, and right now, we have some fantastic offers; inclusive of tailor made tours in and around Madrid, Spain, and all across Europe. Our flexibility, allow us to prepare, and to customize the right kind of trip, or tour, one that the customer really wants, and within 24 hours’ notice. We can define ourselves in just few short words: LOCAL, PROFESSIONAL, FLEXIBLE, GREAT SERVICE, and GREAT VALUE…yet above all…WE CARE!

Let me introduce you to some of the other members of our WTD Family...


Meet the team

Viviana Pino is our Sales Manager for the South American region, she is originally from Venezuela. With a degree in Tourism, and a Masters in Marketing.

Viviana thrives on helping others, ensuring that customers get the right kind of tour package, and at the right price. In her free time, she loves reading, walking, sports, and athletics.

Maria Dolores (with Viviana) is like the mother of the team!

Maria is in charge of all our administration, making sure that invoices gets paid, and that all the customers receive accurate information about their booking.


Lorena is a Doctor by profession, and one who has turned those caring qualities into improving our customer experience. Lorena takes care to gauge the satisfaction of our travel and tour customers. Making sure we maintain our quality guidelines, delivering what’s needed, and should be provided by the company. To ensure that the tourist, or traveler always get the very best out of their travel experience.


Apart from those you already know (Maria Dolores and Viviana) here we have Amaya (on the left) our Finance Controller. With more than 12 years’ hands-on experience as an External Auditor.

And Nekane (red shirt) a mother of three wonderful Kids, and at the same time working with us as our operations manager. Nekane makes sure that everything on the ground works as it’s supposed to.

Finally on the right side, we also have Mr. Azua he is in charge of all the institutional contacts, and premier travel and tour agencies.

Last but not least...our front office.

The reception of our company with many more members of our Family.

Remember we are here to help…and welcome you to Madrid. There are many more members of our staff and tour guides, but they are out of the office, either traveling with customers around Spain or giving tourism services, in and around Madrid. Over time we promise to introduce you to the rest of the team! 


Company information

What To do in Madrid. Focusontime, S.L. CIF:B85939528 Address: Via de las dos Castillas 33, Edif, 4 B-A, 28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón customerservice@whattodoinmadrid.com Phone: 00 34 911 853 148 / 00 34 607705381